A New Puppy

A New Puppy

Collecting your puppy is one of the most exciting times but we know it can also be very confusing.
Most people collect their new puppy between the ages of 6-10 weeks. When you get a new pup it’s important to find out the vaccination, wormer and flea treatment history from the previous owner. The primary (starting) vaccination course involves 2 injections 2-4 weeks apart, starting from 8 weeks of age.

During each visit to the vets a puppy health check is performed to ensure your new puppy is the healthiest possible. Then, it is important to bring them back each year for their annual health check and booster vaccinations. It is worth noting that sometimes your pup may have already had the first vaccination or the second vaccination, regardless of the vaccination stage it is important to bring them in for health check and for your vet to check the vaccination and flea/wormer status. During the health check we routinely check for heart conditions, naval hernias, deformed teeth and leg confirmation as well as doing a full general health check.

When choosing flea and wormer treatment it is important to consult your vet on which products to use, some are safer than others for use in pups. Generally puppies need to be wormed once a month, up to the age of 6 months and flea treatments every 1-2 months.

We organise puppy parties once a month for 3 weeks. The classes are predominately for puppy socialisation and you will learn different aspects of looking after new puppies. Over the 3 weeks you learn different information each time, from vaccinations, flea and worming, basic first aid, house management and toilet training to name a few aspects. Socialisation with different dogs and people at a young age is very important for new puppies, as this makes them the most sociable possible, there is nothing worse than an un-sociable dog.

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