Pet Insurance from Agria Insurance

We all love our beloved pets and we will do anything it takes to ensure their full health, but unforeseen illness or accidents can break the bank. At Fishguard Vets we recommend Agria Pet Insurance.

Agria is the world’s largest animal insurer, with over 125 years of trusted experience. They are pet insurance specialist and are committed to promoting the health and welfare of animals.

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Agria insurance offers:

  • Lifetime insurance: When your pet develops an ongoing condition Agria will provide cover for life
  • A massive £12,500 vet fees benefit which renews each year for the rest of your pets life
  • Polices cover dogs, cats and rabbits
  • Agria settle claims quickly and can pay direct to you or us.
  • The higher level policies include a £25 voucher towards vaccinations and health checks