Veterinary practices offer private healthcare for animals of all shapes and sizes. At Fishguard Vets, we invest significantly in the latest equipment, medications, and staff to ensure your pet receives the highest quality care. 

We are considerate of everyone’s circumstances, and we will try to work with you where we can, however, please discuss any concerns with us before we proceed with any treatment. We can provide estimates for all treatments and procedures, at the consultation with the vet. All prices given for procedures and treatments are estimates, while we do our very best to anticipate all needs, sometimes complications arise, leading to additional costs.  

To help with the costs of pet healthcare we recommend joining our VIP club to cover the costs of regular health such as vaccinations and flea/worming treatment, for more information click here. Additionally we recommend pet insurance to help manage expenses, for more information, click here.


Prices for common procedures (prices correct as of June 2024)

First Vet consultation £44.50
Second Vet consultation £30.00
Third and more Vet consultation £21.00
Out of Hours Vet consultation (before 10pm) – Price excludes consultation, medication and other treatment costs.   £125.00
Out of Hours Vet consultation (after 10pm) – Price excludes consultation, medication and other treatment costs.   £160.00
Animal Health Certificate/Export health certificate From £135
Nurse consultations
Clip nails                                                        £21.00
Empty anal glands    £21.00
Repeat injections  £21.00
Second Vaccinations Price included with first vaccine
Puppy vaccination course (included first and second vaccination)  £73.00*
Puppy second vaccination only £36.50*
Dog booster vaccination £54.00*
Kitten vaccination course (without FeLV) £54.00
Kitten vaccination course (with FeLV) £98.00*
Cat booster vaccination (without FeLV) £40.00
Cat booster vaccination (with FeLV) £64.00*
Rabbit Myxo/RHD PLUS vaccination £50.00
Rabies vaccination £70.00
Microchip Implant £21.00*
Bitch spay – Depending on size  From £250 to £430**
Dog castrate – Depending on size  From £160 – £270**
Cat spay £95.00**
Cat castration £55.00**
Rabbit spay £150.00
Rabbit castration £72.50
Dental Care Normal
Cat dental scale, polish, and extractions  £150.00 **
Dog dental scale, polish, and extractions – Depends on size of dog and complexity  From £230 to £400**

All prices include VAT at current rate


All of our procedures listed above include the costs of anaesthetic, standard materials and costs associated with the procedure. Any medications to be taken home are an additional cost. 

Any additional materials/medicines, laboratory tests, or other procedures will be at extra costs.

*Included in monthly Direct Debit for VIP club members.
**Discounts applied to these procedures if part of our VIP club.
+ Vaccinating a littler is eligible for a discount, please contact for details