Just like a human passport, pet passports contain information that is unique to an individual animal. It contains data that will help identify a pet as well as details of the animal’s owner and its overall health. Most importantly a pet passport is used to ensure that a pet has met the certain medical criteria for the specific country that it is entering.

This usually includes details on the range of vaccinations it has had, its worm treatment history, and blood and tick information. Checks and certification has to be carried out by an internationally recognised vet and it is done to minimise and eradicate the spread of dangerous animal disease from country to country. By meeting the pet passport criteria you will also be ensuring that your animal is protected from dangerous diseases that are prevalent abroad.

As the information is ever changing and different for each country, we recommend visiting the appropriate government website of the country you will be traveling to. If your animal is coming to the UK visit here:

Please contact us 2 months before you plan to make an appointment with the vet, so that we can get your pet ready for your trip. Your pet will need a rabies vaccination to travel at a minimum.