We welcome all work experience pupils to the practice but as we only take one student at anyone time the places are limited. At Fishguard Vets we adopt a proactive approach towards work placements and can provide truly mixed experience; 35% small animal, 65% large animal and 5% equine. Students are welcome to join our team to shadow the vets who set about a daily mix of routine visits, farm calls, emergencies calls, small animal consultations and observe operations.
We have excellent facilities at the practice with digital x-ray machine, anaesthetic machine using the latest technology to enhance patient recovery and minimize the risk, portable ultrasound scanners, see our facilities for more information.
Our veterinary team can offer students a wealth of experience in large and small animal veterinary medicine and practice, and currently have four full time vets, two TB testing vets and a team of auxillary staff.

The practice opens at 8:30am and closes at 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Students are expected to arrive at 8:30am, please note that the vet will not wait for you, so if you are running late the vet will leave without you! Lunch can be at a varied time but you should have time to pop to the local shops or you can bring a packed lunch. The evening small animal clinic finishes at 5:30pm but this time can vary as more people come along or an emergency might come in. You are welcome to stay until all clients are seen and any emergencies dealt with but after 5:30pm you can leave.

Dress code:
We ask you to follow the same dress code as all of the vets follow; no jeans, wear suitable footwear for the weather ideally wellies as they can be cleaned, and smart collared t-shirt, polo shirt or shirt. Please do not wear a tie as this can be dangerous but this level of smartness is appreciated. We would appreciate if you could remove all visible piercings including earrings as this is a health and safety risk.

What to bring:
You will need to bring the appropriate clothing (see above) and waterproofs. As you will be going from farm to farm your footwear will need able to be hosed and cleaned with water after each farm visit. The weather in Wales is very changeable so please be prepared as the vet will not be sympathetic! You will need to bring a packed lunch or some money to buy something from the local shops.

If a student does not abide by the clothing rules above we reserve the right to send you home.
If you are pregnant unfortunately we are not able to accommodate your placement, due to our use of chemicals, the x-ray and the risk of physical injury.

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